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Group Lessons

This class offers a new and exciting approach to your sports training. We developed my Group Lessons from drills and lessons used by some of the most elite athletes. It allows players to learn the technical fundamentals, while slowly exposing them to more complex parts of the game.

Lessons for Kids

Lessons for Kids are a great choice to improve and learn to control emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. It also helps children to develop patience and understand that it can take a lot of practice to improve their physical skills. their coordination, agility  athletic performance. Through a strategic mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions, class participants become comfortable with the game both on and off the field. If you’re looking to elevate your game, Lessons for Kids with Catala Sport are for you.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way for players to get individual coaching. Lessons are available for players of all levels and ages. It is a great way to get personalized help on different aspects of your game. Each lesson is customized according to your needs.

Fitness Lessons

Take your health and fitness to the next level, and harness the energy of Catala Sport. We offer customised workouts in a group setting, from conventional modalities of fitness training through to elite levels of strength and conditioning.

Core Fitness

Take your game up to the next level - sign up for a class today.

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