Why to choose us?

Because our style of coaching is to identify areas of a player's game where improvements can be made and our hard working spanish mentality will push you outside of your comfort zone, leading to improvement. Also we are the first company who offer you to learn a new language at the same time you keep fit. 

Where are the classes held?

We do coach in both residential and public courts, all around Hong Kong. 

Which is your cancellation policy?

In order to provide a better and more professional service to all the tennis lovers, Catala Sport has set a 24-hours Cancellation policy for every tennis and fitness lesson.

If you book a private or group lesson, you have the right to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior the lesson, this will ensure the possibility for other players to fill up the spot left for the player. Otherwise if the player cancels the lesson without a prior notice less than  24-hours before to the lesson, he/she will be charged the full price of the lesson.

Can I do a lesson in Spanish if don't speak the language?

Yes, you can. If our clients want to join to a Spanish lesson first we introduce them some common vocabulary and start to use during the lesson, of course we continue speaking and giving instructions in both English and Spanish until the student can follow us in the foreign language. If the student if a children below to 5 years old in the second lesson we only speak with them in Spanish because we believe it is the best way to them to adapt easily and faster to the new language. 

What happen if is raining?

In case that bad weather around 1.5 hour before the lesson starts the coach responsible for the class will evaluate the situation and decide if the class is cancel or not.

How do I pay for lessons?

We accept few payments methods: cash, check and transfer. 

How much do the lesson cost?

Contact david@catalasport.com for more information.

Which equipment do I need to bring to lessons?

For Tennis lessons you need to bring your own racquet, if you need advice to choose your equipment we provide free counseling though don't hesitate to ask us for help. 

For Fitness lessons you need to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes, we put all the rest.