Our mission is improve your quality of life through sport activity.  We focus on organizing and promoting sports activities, coaching and fitness to enhance the physical and mental development for our clients . 

Catala Sport was born in the hectic world of Hong Kong to combat the stress and hurried life one lives in this magnificent city. We are a team of professional sport and fitness coaches capable of providing personalized plans.  We specialize in integrating sport and fitness, especially through tennis and conditioning, to bring the best out of each person we work with.

Our philosophy might be summarized in Samuel Beckett words: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better".  We are happy to train anyone that is high potential, high attitude and can work in partnership with us, as well as see and appreciate that you get quality training because we are passionate about improving the person and dedicated to our profession in the sport of tennis. We work directly with our clients to build a strong understanding of their needs, provide high attention to detail and guide and coach through every step of our journey together.

Our vision carries to be a company in continuous process of improvement and of reference in the sports environment of Hong Kong for the quality and variety of our offer as well as for the qualification, motivation and implication of our professionals.

Our goal is to make each engagement a memorable one. We take a long term view in everything we do. We take care to build a good foundation where we train like we expect to get results in the future, to win, to play each point one at a time, to reach each physical goal one at the time, and with proper recovery, fitness, attitude and intensity and with good techniques and habits. For this reason we focus on skills development with constant correction.

We know the importance of languages in Hong Kong, for this reason we are proud to be the first sport company which offer lessons in either Spanish or English thanks to our bilingual team. This supposes an added value to the physical training as it might carry the intellectual enrichment by means of the learning of a new language.

Please be prepared because we are tougher and more intense than anyone out there and we are waiting for you.